Dishes that you ought to serve at a soiree at home

Dishes that you ought to serve at a soiree at home

Hosting a soiree can be quite a task. Even though it is a small party with a limited number of people, a soiree speaks of elegance and sophistication. It requires a well thought out plan and more importantly a well thought out elegant menu for it to be a success.

Well if you are stuck wondering what are the dishes that you really need to serve at soiree, then from having the best Chinese food in reading MA from Oye’s Restaurant and Bar to the must have entrees that you need to serve, here is a list of the must have items for your little soiree at home:

  1. One of the most important items when it comes to a soiree is the getting the entrees right. You have to make sure that the entrees have a certain flavour to them but are not too heavy on the stomach. They should be easy to serve and easy to eat, much like finger food. Since fries and other oily finger food items do not go well in a party, you can always go for sushi or different kinds of tempura rolls. These are easy to have and are extremely tasty and that is why they make such great appetizers for a party.
  2. Most of the people at a soiree will be looking not for comfort food items but rather dishes that are gluten free. You have to have something for the health freaks and hence you can order some really nice gluten free dishes like varieties of soups from which they can take their pick. Get different flavours of light soups in bowls which your guests can enjoy as dinner which they will surely love if they want to stay fit and fine.
  3. Another very popular soiree food, if you are thinking about doing Chinese is dumplings. These are tasty and easy to eat and they can be served both as starters as well as with the main course, depending on who wants to have it when. Make sure that you get steamed dumplings and not the fried ones, because the steamed ones are more flavourful and generally liked by greater number of people. You can place your order from Oye’s Restaurant and Bar and have the dumplings delivered to your home which you can serve in cute little white plates with the right sauce.
  4. Salads are a must for any soiree. Since there is a wide variety of options when it comes to salads, you can arrange for an assortment of them or you can go for one salad type like Persian or Thai Salad, which are not only exotic but are also enjoyed by many.
  5. And finally for the main course of the dinner, get something grilled, like either grilled salmon or a grilled beef, which will be heavy but also extremely tasty. Make sure that if you are opting for animal meat, there is enough salad and also a helping of mashed potatoes to complement it well.

Well, if you are planning to host a soiree, then do make sure that you take your pick from these dishes here for your menu to be a raging success.