Get your taste buds rolling with these Asian cuisine rolls

Get your taste buds rolling with these Asian cuisine rolls

One of the most popular food items when it comes to the minimalistic Asian cuisine are the rolls. Prepared with the fresh and finest of ingredients and extremely delicately prepared, some Asian rolls have the entire world drooling for them.

Have you tried out some the rolls that are so popular in the Asian cuisine? Well if you haven’t then you should definitely try them out and if you are thinking of going for the option of order food online then you should definitely place your order with Oye, who will give you the most authentic preparation of these Asian rolls. So if you are planning on trying them out for the first time, then here are some options that you have to consider:

  1. Well tempura rolls are a particular favourite and you cannot say no to these. Well if you are thinking which are the ones that you should go for, then you should try out roll made of fried salmon. This is a classic that you will give you the right burst of flavours that you wish for. If you are fond of shrimp, then you can try it in shrimp or you can also load up your tempura roll with sauces and vegetables as well.
  2. If you are thinking about trying out something spicy in this section, then you have to try out the rolls which are inside out. They are very delicious and they will surely give your taste buds a whirlwind tour of China and Japan. You can try them in scallop or salmon, depending on which one you like better. You can also go with the inside out roll that is prepared with sushi rice, which in itself is on the way to become a delicacy in itself.
  3. Well if you want to place an order with Oye's Restaurant & Bar then you have to try out some of the in house specials that they serve when it comes to rolls from the Asian cuisine. You can try out the roll that is prepared with shrimp and the tenderloins of beef if you are looking for an eclectic mix of meat. There are a lot of options in vegetarian rolls as well in this section which are prepared especially by them to tingle your taste buds. The tuna roll is a must try
  4. Want to keep it as meat free as possible? Well then you can definitely go for various types of rolls like the ones made with avocado and asparagus which are really fresh and will give you just the dose of greens that you will need for your diet.
  5. And finally you have to try out the various kinds of maki roll. These are mostly made with salmon or other juicy and soft meats and they are meant to just melt into your mouth. Prepared lightly, maki rolls are a must try if you are trying Asian cuisine for the first time.

How many of these roll types have you tried? If you haven’t tried all of them, it’s time to really get ‘rolling’!